Breaking Down Costs

If you’ve been accepted into a program sponsored by the Study Abroad Office, your costs fall into two categories: those billed by the University and those paid by you directly at the point of purchase.

Billable Costs

Frequently Asked Billing Questions

IAGE Program Fee

The IAGE Program Fee will appear on your study abroad budget, Confirmation of Participation, and your Illinois Student Account on UI-Integrate as two separate items: Instruction and Fees/IAGE Program Fee and Miscellaneous Fees/IAGE Program Fee (NT).

This fee covers the costs of study abroad advising, processing of applications, pre-departure guidance, orientation and workshops, program and advising materials, continued support while students are abroad, 24-hour emergency access to the Advisor-on-Duty, returnee programming, and study abroad academic credit and grade articulation processing. Although subject to change, IAGE Program Fees are a minimum $600 for academic years and academic year semesters, and $350 for summer programs.

The list below shows the charges that could be included in this fee. For program-specific details, please refer to your student abroad budget and Confirmation of Participation.

Instruction & Fees/IAGE Program Fee

  • IAGE Administrative Fee* (always included)
  • Program-specific Participation Fees (sometimes included OR may be billed directly to you by your program provider or host university and not paid through Illinois)
  • Host Institution or Program Provider Instruction and Fees (sometimes included OR may be billed directly to you by your program provider or host university and not paid through Illinois)

Miscellaneous Fees/IAGE Program Fees (NT):

  • International Insurance
  • Housing (sometimes included OR may be billed to you)
  • Meals (sometimes included OR may be billed to you)
  • On-site Orientation, Excursions, and Activities (sometimes included OR may be billed directly to you)

University of Illinois Tuition & Fees

Even though you’ll be abroad, you will be registered as an Illinois student during your program and will pay Illinois tuition. Your tuition rate may be different for Study Abroad. Please check with the Office of the Registar to confirm which rate applies to your program. In addition to earning Illinois credit, remaining registered with and paying tuition at the University of Illinois will entitle you to obtain:

  • Pre-approval on course equivalencies;
  • Academic advising while abroad;
  • Support while you are abroad, including emergency response before and during your study abroad program, and other risk management support;
  • Access to Illinois email and other CITES accounts;
  • A time ticket for advance registration;
  • Access to University Library services;
  • Access to Student Financial Aid and Illinois-administered scholarships (provided you apply by scholarship deadlines);
  • Support from the Dean of Students and Student Affairs units, such as the Office of Women's Programs, the Office of Minority Student Affairs, and the Office of LGBT Concerns.

Non-Billable Costs

Non-billable costs are charges not billed through the University of Illinois, but billed to you through other entities. These cost items could include some of the following:

  • Program provider or host university costs (i.e. instruction and fees)
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Books and supplies
  • Round-trip flight
  • Local transportation
  • Passport, visa application, and supporting documents
  • Immunizations
  • Additional personal expenses

Paying for Non-Billable Costs

Since payment methods can vary according to program, please consult your study abroad adviser if you are unclear about the appropriate payment method. Many international partners and companies provide payment instructions and can be paid through a regular credit card; an international wire transfer; or a banker's draft, international money order, or cashier's order in your host country's currency.