Certification of Financial Support

All applicants must complete and submit the Certification of Financial Support.

In order for the University of Illinois to issue a DS-2019 visa authorization form, the U.S. government requires every applicant to submit evidence of financial support. Your source(s) of funding may be as follows:

    • You are self-supported (i.e. you are financially independent), in which case you will need to provide a statement from your bank (see below).
    • You have a financial sponsor (e.g., a parent, a relative, or government agency) supporting your participation in the exchange, in which case you will need to provide a financial statement from your sponsor.
    • Your study abroad expenses are covered by your home university's or a government agency's scholarship, in which case the official scholarship letter must be included with your application. 

You may have more than one source of funding, provided that the total amount of your combined sources meet or exceed $9,250 for one semester or $18,500 for two semesters.

Certification Statement from Financial Institution

A statement on bank letterhead from your bank or your sponsor's bank, which is signed by a bank official, is sufficient to serve as a Certification of Financial Support. It should state the equivalent of:

"XXXX (insert full name), a client of our bank, has the equivalent of XXXX (insert US dollar amount depending on the term that you will study at UIUC: $9,250 for one semester, $18,500 for two semesters) in an account with this bank as of XXXX (insert date)."

If you are using personal funds, a statement from your bank must accompany your electronic application. If a sponsor is funding your exchange, a statement from your sponsor's bank must be uploaded. Make sure financial sponsor names on your electronic application match the names on the bank letter and/or account statements.


    • If the financial support documents are in any language other than English, you must provide an official translation.
    • Financial support documents must NOT be older than six months from the beginning of the intended term of attendance.
    • If you are applying to begin in the Fall semester (August), you may not submit bank certifications dated before February of the same year.
    • If you are applying to begin in the Spring semester (January), you may not submit bank certifications dated before July of the preceding year.
    • If a certification statement from a financial institution (such as a bank letter signed by a bank official as referenced above) cannot be obtained, the following alternative documents are acceptable:
      • Loan or award letters stamped or certified by a lending institution or government official
      • Original bank statements issued directly from the bank
    • The following documents are NOT acceptable:
      • Bank letters not certified by the bank
      • Internet bank statements
      • Bank letters or statements without the name of the account holder
      • Loan or award letters from a previous year
      • Letters that do not specify the availability of at least the minimum amount per semester