Financial Consideration & Fees

Keep track of payments and payment methods to ensure good financial standing for the program and its participants.


Budgets are reviewed and signed off on by the faculty member months prior to departure.  Any significant changes after this require approval. At this point in program planning, we only anticipate changes in the budget due to currency fluctuations and emergencies. If you incur any other costs beyond what is budgeted, you will not be reimbursed for those costs, unless they have been approved by SAO and your college or are for emergency purposes.

Paying Bills & Other Program Costs

Suppliers send invoices to collect payments in advance. Invoices need to be detailed, specifying the amount of deposit for each participant, the number of participants being accommodated, the date due, cancellation fees/penalties, and how to pay the invoice (including currency and mode of payment). Invoices should be submitted to Darcy Derr at the Study Abroad Office.

Payment Modes


In order for us to wire money, we need the following: Bank name, bank address, account name/title, account number, ABA or sort code, and whatever else the bank abroad needs to disburse funds appropriately. We are not allowed to wire money to personal bank accounts.


Currently we can issue checks for payments of program costs and will send them to the supplier.

Cash Advance

Faculty Directors may be asked to pay for costs locally with cash. This should be reserved for small payments, as one doesn't want to have to carry large amounts of cash in pocket.


We receive bills post-program from suppliers and the payment of bills are subject to the same requirements of an invoice.

Cash Advances, Receipts, & Accounting Sheets

Faculty Directors need to make an appointment to see Darcy Derr at the Study Abroad Office two weeks prior to their departure to plan cash advances and to get accounting sheets. In order to reimburse Faculty Directors for funds used and to do final accounting for the program, all receipts for program fund disbursement and accounting sheets must be returned to Darcu Derr in a neat and organized fashion within two weeks of your return.

Director Discretionary & Emergency Contingency Funds

Director Discretionary Funds

Designated for tips and unexpected cash expenditures on behalf of the group.

Emergency Contingency Funds

Funds available only for emergencies. Remember that receipts are required for all expenditures and any funds that are not used for the program must be returned with your accounting sheets/receipts.

Policy on Loaning Money to Students

You may not use program funds for loans to students.