How to Apply

Now that you know where you want to go, you're ready to begin the online application process.

United Kingdom

Steps to Apply

  1. Explore your options by reading through the site.
  2. Decide on a program.
  3. Locate your program of interest in our Program Search.
  4. Click on "Create App" and follow the instructions to create your own personal homepage.
  5. Complete the checklist of each application piece associated with your program.

Application Materials

Much of your application can be completed online (essays, recommendation letters, contact information, etc.). Other parts of your application will need to be submitted directly to the office that is sponsoring your program (SAO, ACES, BUS, IPENG, etc.).

You'll deal with three types of documents during the application process:

  1. Material submissions you submit directly to the office that sponsors your specific program (e.g., an official transcript). You can bring these in person to the office or send it via mail. Many submissions can also be scanned and emailed.
  2. Signature documents you read and "sign" online (e.g., the release of information form).
  3. Questionnaires you complete and submit online (e.g., the personal essay).

Please note that all programs sponsored by third party providers – including ACTR, Arcadia, IAU, IES, IFSA-Butler, CCIS, CIC, CIEE, MSID, OTS, and SFS – require  separate application in addition to the one required by the Study Abroad Office. You’ll need to submit supporting documents for these separate applications directly to the Host Institution.

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Dates & Deadlines

Most programs fall under these deadlines; however, check out the list of exceptions for each to know the specifics for your program.