International Non-Degree Exchange Application Form

The new Application Form must be downloaded each semester as changes may be made in between semesters. Please do not retain application forms from previous semesters.

  • Please print or type clearly. Please make sure that we can read what is written on the application form.
  • Date format is MONTH/DAY/YEAR
  • Email address must be valid for the duration of the application cycle and exchange at Illinois. This is the address that we will use to communicate with you.
  • Country of Legal Permanent Residence refers to the country, other than that of your primary national citizenship, where you have Permanent Residence status. For example, if you were born and have citizenship in China, but have Permanent Residence status (not full citizenship status) in Australia, your Country of Citizenship is "China" and Country of Legal Permanent Residence is "Australia."
  • Make sure that the city or place of birth that you write on your application form matches exactly what is in your passport. Please do not list larger, well-known cities in place of what is actually printed in your passport. For example, you might consider your place of birth to be London and write that on the application (and it might actually be London or greater London generally speaking), but if Lambeth (not London) is on your passport, then you must state Lambeth as your place of birth in your application form.
  • The name on your application form must MATCH UP EXACTLY with what is printed on your passport. If, however, your name in your passport has a diacritical mark or phonetic feature, such as an umlaut or tilde, please drop those features and write your name that way on the application form. To comply with SEVIS II naming conventions, we have been instructed that the names the university uses on DS-2019s (one of the immigration documents that you will receive as part of your acceptance) should look exactly like the names in your passport, minus the diacritical marks when they are provided in your passport. For example, a native spelling with a single "Ö;" should not be changed or transliterated to English as "OE." Instead, simply write "O" on your application form.