Petition Process

With 150 approved programs in 45 countries, chances are great that Illinois students who research program options on our website and talk to our staff can find a program that aligns with the academic and professional goals they have for study abroad.

If students identify a program that is not approved but it meets a unique need that none of our approved programs do, then there is a multi-step process in place to submit a petition application for a non-approved program.

Advantages of Choosing an Illinois Program

ATTENTION: If students enroll in and participate on a non-approved program, then they will not maintain university enrollment, would have to forego any institutional, state, and/or federal financial aid that is disbursed through the Office of Student Financial Aid, and risk their courses and credits not coming back as approved study abroad credits processed by the Office of the Registrar. Instead, transfer credit would need to be requested through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and they have the discretion to accept or deny these requests.


Submit Petition Approval Application online by: 

Summer/Fall/Academic Year January 15
Spring/Calendar Year  June 15

In order to complete the application for approval online, email with a brief summary about the details of your petition program and an Education Abroad Coordinator will be in touch about starting an IAGE By Petition Only application. You will be asked to submit several requirements including but not limited to a review of the proposed program, essay questions, approval by your academic advisor, copy of your application to the host university/program sponsor, photocopy of your passport, and an official transcript. Your academic advisor and/or responsible College Dean will need to submit an online recommendation after a thorough discussion of your study abroad plans, during which you will explain how the alternative programs available to you do not adequately meet your interests and goals. The application will also need to meet the approval of the Office of the Registrar. Approval to participate on the program is not guaranteed.

SPECIAL NOTE: To ensure that we properly review your application materials and are able to submit those materials to your host university/program sponsor by their deadline, you must turn in all application materials and supporting documents to the Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange Office by the final deadline or at least one month before the host university/program sponsor deadline, whichever date is earlier.

  1. Once you have completed your online application, your application will need to go through several channels of approval: the Office of the Registrar will ensure the program meets their criteria for accreditation purposes; The Office for International Safety and Security will need to vet the program and location for safety and security purposes; Your academic advisor will need to review and approve the program in regards to academic quality and fit for your major; An IAGE Education Abroad Coordinator will ensure there are no alternative programs that fit with the goals you have for the program. If one or more of these approval guidelines are not met, your program will not be approved. However, your application can always be transferred to a different IAGE study abroad program, and any additional systems fees will be waived. 
  2. You will learn of your application status within one month of the deadline and will be notified of a series of follow-up meetings and paperwork. Your host university/program sponsor will notify you directly of your acceptance or denial to their program.
  3. If your petition program is approved, plan to take the mandatory study abroad orientation course (LAS 291/292), which is a 1 credit hour course with three phases: pre-departure, in-country, and re-entry. More information can be found on the study abroad orientation course website.


Please note the following fees that will be applied to your student account during the term in which you study abroad (estimated fees are listed and subject to change from one term to the next):

IAGE Administrative Fee $1,400
Illinois Range IV In-State, Base Rate Tuition and Fees $753 (summer) $1,003 (per semester)
International Health Insurance $140 (summer) $200 (per semester) $365 (academic year)

The above fees are in addition to the program fee that your host university/program sponsor will bill you.

Countries Under a Travel Warning

At least the following must be demonstrated through student proposal and confirmed through University review for regions under US government agency Travel Warning:

  • Fully-operable U.S. consular or embassy presence;
  • No declared state of war;
  • Generally clear routes of evacuation to air or water ports, or by ground across friendly borders;
  • A host institution or entity accessible by redundant reliable communications media with multiple contact persons;
  • Good emergency response infrastructure with reliable air or ground linkage to reliable hospitals;
  • Reliable sources of hygienic water and food;
  • Willingness of University of Illinois’ supplemental insurance carrier for students abroad and its emergency sub-contractor to service the venue (University will confirm);
  • Sound student rationale for undertaking the journey/sojourn;
  • Faculty recommendations suggesting student maturity and reliability.