Post-Program Narrative

These reports are due within a month of your return from your course abroad. A copy must be submitted to your college dean, department head, and SAO.

For each of the topics listed, please describe:

  • What you did this year
  • What worked/didn't work
  • What suggestions you have for next year's program

Narrative Topics

  1. Recruitment and Publicity Efforts and Outcomes
  2. Program Preparations: On-site preparations, pre-departure orientation, student arrival and orientation, etc.
  3. Academic Program: Courses offered, number of credits, collaboration with host institutions and faculty/presenters, field trips, etc. Please include a statement about the integration of the study abroad program into the departmental/college curriculum and/or life of the unit.
  4. Assessment of on-site logistics and support: Student housing, classroom space and equipment, housing staff, meals, transportation, excursions, field placements and volunteer opportunities, special events, etc.
  5. Health and safety issues: What, if any, preventive safety measures do you recommend? Were there any health-related incidents such as accidents, serious illness, or mental health issues? Were health care facilities satisfactory? What, if any, steps need to be taken to make program sites safer? What political, social, cultural, or environmental developments on site warrant special attention for next year's program? Report any crimes that affected students during the program.
  6. Student issues: Could satisfactory solutions be found to most student problems? Was there a specific incident that administrators need to be aware of? How could such problems be avoided/minimized in the future? What could be done in the future to enhance the cross-cultural learning component of the program? Which aspects of the culture did students react to negatively/positively? Were issues of cultural adjustment and re-adjustment discussed with students? Was there a special event marking the end of the program?
  7. Program Benefits: How has being involved in this program enhanced your professional development? How does the program enhance participating students' academic/intellectual, personal, professional, and cross-cultural learning?
  8. Finances/Budget: What, if any, adjustments need to be made to the budget to improve the program and/or to reflect cost realities in the host country/countries?