Post-Program Stage

Following is a brief overview of the administrative responsibilities during the Post-Program Stage.

#1: Submit Accounting & Excess Funds to SAO

Timeline: Within 2 weeks of return

Prompt return of accounting, receipts, excess funds, etc. to the SAO facilitates the financial resolution of a program, including bill paying, reimbursements, etc. Accounts should be settled within 15 days of return.

#2: Submit Post-Program Narrative

Timeline: Within 1 month of return

Faculty directors submit a Post-Program Narrative with their feedback on the success of the program and recommendations for future programs to all the program sponsors (SAO, college, department head/chair person). The recommended content of this report is given in the Appendix and discussed at the pre-departure orientation with SAO, and it generally includes feedback on the itinerary, pace of activities, housing arrangements, course content, guest lectures, problems or concerns encountered during the program (at all stages), and specific recommendations for future versions of the program.

#3: Submit Grades, Photos, & Feedback

Submit the final course grades to your department; submit photos and special stories to SAO for the SAO/LAS Scrapbook; and ensure that feedback forms arrived safely and review the results. For students from other CIC schools who do not register here, and thus will not be on your grade roster, you will need to write a special letter stating their grade and submit it to the SAO. For students from other, non-CIC institutions, they will be registered and on your grade roster.

#4: Upon Return

Study abroad is an incredible experience for students. Maintain contact with your students because it is essential to guide students in learning how to integrate their international experience into their lives back on campus.

To help wrap up the course, a debriefing meeting a few weeks after the return is recommended. Students will be able to talk about their experiences and their feelings. Chances are that your mentoring and professorial relationship may be the most significant one your students have experienced at the University. Also, it is recommended to assist students with their readjustment and possible reverse culture shock. Reassure them that, as difficult as it is to adapt to an entirely new culture, it can be just as challenging to come back home after being away for any period of time.