Leading Student Groups Abroad: Study Tours

A study tour is when a faculty or staff member leads a group of students abroad for about 1-3 weeks. A study tour could be part of an on-campus course or a separate experience unrelated to an on-campus course. The study tour component can be either for credit or not. It can take place before or after an on-campus course; or during winter, spring, fall, or summer breaks.

If you are not leading a study tour, but you are a faculty or staff member accompanying a student group abroad, then you should have the student leading the experience submit the International Travel By A Student Group Reporting Form. For more information see the Independent Student/Group Travel Abroad section.

Faculty and staff leading study tours should obtain International Insurance through the Office of International Safety and Security in Illinois International for all student and faculty participants. Illinois International will also collect from the faculty member leading the group a study tour form that contains important health and safety information and emergency contact information.

Expectations for Faculty Members Leading Study Tours

  • Submit a Study Tour Reporting Form to the Study Abroad Office, along with a list of participants, syllabus, and program itinerary by the deadlines listed on the form. The form must include approval signatures from the department and College.
  • Attend a faculty orientation, which are scheduled each fall and spring semester. Once the Study Tour Form has been turned into the Study Abroad Office, faculty and staff will be contacted with orientation dates for that semester.
  • Ensure that students complete online signature documents, including the Acknowledgment of Risk and Release of Responsibility, Travel Warning Waiver, Emergency Contact, Host Country Contact Information, and Release of Account Information.
  • Conduct a health and safety orientation for student participants using our Health & Safety PowerPoint.

If you have any questions regarding study tours, please contact Stacy Billman for further information.