While You Are Abroad

You may find that taking a few extra steps while you're away will ensure a smooth transition after your program abroad.


Adding Courses

If you are not able to enroll in the courses that have been pre-approved, you can change your course plan after you arrive at the host university. To do so, contact the relevant 299 Advisor by email and request approval for a new course with all course materials attached. Your 299 Advisor may or may not approve your course via email. If you receive the 299 Advisor's approval, print out the email and attach the printed copy to the Study Abroad Course Approval Summary Form when you return to the university. If you are taking a course abroad that has not been pre-approved by the 299 advisor, you risk not receiving credit that you were planning to receive for this course.

Dropping Courses

Please remember your foreign university transcript, which will be sent to UIUC at the completion of your studies, is part of your academic record. Every course listed on your foreign university transcript must be processed at UIUC including courses with W(Withdrawal), INC/I (Incomplete), and other statuses.  Know your host university rules for dropping courses and follow these rules, as there may be unanticipated consequences when you return to UIUC if those courses were dropped.

Grading Options for Study Abroad

Changing Grading Options

If you need to change your credit declaration while abroad, follow your college's instructions, which can be found on the Declaring Credit for Study Abroad instruction sheet.

Requesting Transcripts from the Study Abroad Institution

1. Notify your program or institution to send the original transcript directly to the Office of the Registrar at the following address:

Office of the Registrar
ATTN: Pam Santic, Assistant Registrar
Study Abroad, Graduation and Graduate Support
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
901 W. Illinois Street, Suite 140
Urbana, IL  61801-3446

2. Make sure you have paid all bills at your host university abroad. Outstanding financial obligations may prevent your transcript from being sent to the our office.

3. If you are planning to apply to graduate, medical, or law schools in the future, and/or need additional transcripts for your own use, please make the proper arrangements with your host university to have them sent directly to you. Our office will not be able to provide any copies of your international transcript to you or any third party.

4. You may want to find out from your program coordinator abroad when your transcript will be mailed to Illinois upon completion of your study abroad program.  The timing varies significantly from program to program. This information will give you an approximate timeline for your record processing at Illinois. The processing of your study abroad record at Illinois cannot start until your international transcript is received.

Note: Bring all your course materials, artwork, syllabi, etc. back to the University of Illinois. They may be needed to determine the exact equivalency of the courses you took abroad. Do not discard them until you see your courses posted on your University of Illinois transcript.