Why Study Abroad

With hundreds of options, you know the opportunities are there. But why do Illini study abroad?

Cape Town

Benefits of Studying Abroad

The benefits range from the personal to the professional to, of course, the academic. Students find personally enriching experiences in the friends they make, the families they live with, and through the volunteer work some programs provide. They face exciting professional challenges and work opportunities through our internship programs. And they find academic satisfaction with classes that complement their majors and minors in ways they couldn’t achieve here in Illinois.

Learn about Roman history while sitting inside the Coliseum. Take a Shakespeare course and see his plays staged in London. Study animal sciences and live on a wildlife conservation site in Kenya.

The fact of the matter is, there are dozens of reasons to study abroad. Find yours today!

Study Abroad Myths

Just like any new experience or opportunity, many falsehoods exist about studying abroad. Before you make assumptions, get the facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 300 programs to choose from, deciding on the right study abroad program takes research, time, and reflection. Find the quick answers here before you begin your search.