Withdrawals & Refunds

The following policies are only for programs administered by the Study Abroad Office.


If you decide to withdraw from your study abroad program, you must officially notify the Study Abroad Office in writing or by email. You cannot merely withdraw your application online. In addition to notifying the Study Abroad Office, if you are a University of Illinois student, you must also withdraw from study abroad in UI-Integrate, notify your college, and notify your study abroad program provider or host institution (if applicable).

If the University of Illinois course-drop deadline has passed, or if you are dropping your only class for the term, you must contact your college's office to drop your study abroad registration.

If you withdraw from a study abroad program and do not return to the University of Illinois for that term, you must contact your college’s office and follow their instructions so that you will be allowed to register for the following term.


Whether you withdraw yourself or you are withdrawn from a study abroad program, the date on which the Study Abroad Office receives/sends the notification of withdrawal is the date by which any refund will be calculated (regardless of the date of withdrawal of an online application). All balances up to that date must be paid.

Withdrawal Prior to Departure

If you withdraw or are withdrawn from your study abroad program the day before the advertised starting date of the program, you will receive a refund of all program fees, except the non-refundable withdrawal fee, any non-refundable portion of the airfare, and any non-refundable in-country payments made on your behalf.

Withdrawal After Starting the Program

You cannot receive a refund of any kind once you have arrived at the program site and have begun the program, except in the case of an extremely serious and verifiable health matter. In that event, recoverable costs after the non-refundable advance fees may be refunded.

The University of Illinois publishes a list of deadlines corresponding to the percentage of Illinois Tuition and Fees that may be refunded to you if you withdraw. You cannot receive a refund if you complete the program.


If you have additional questions, please contact the Study Abroad Office by calling 217-333-6322, by email, or by visiting the Study Abroad Office.