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Stay Connected

Stay involved when you return to campus by getting involved with one of the many clubs and organizations on campus focused on international experiences.


Don’t let your study abroad experience end when you return to campus. Join one of the following organizations to continue your international involvement.

Study Abroad Ambassadors

Represent Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange by becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador. Ambassadors promote study abroad by speaking with prospective students, contributing photos and videos to our marketing team, being featured on our Student Stories Blog, and much more! All study abroad returnees will receive an email about becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador and all interested students will have to complete a half-hour training. For more information on becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador, email our office at

International Illini

International Illini is a student-run organization that promotes the joining of international students and study abroad returnees through social and cultural events. They are dedicated to the development of diversity on campus and are committed to providing international students, study abroad returnees, and domestic students with the opportunity to learn more about the culture of its members.


The goal of GLOBE is to provide opportunities for domestic and international students to network, and develop leadership skills, global awareness, cultural competency. GLOBE connects “Blue” members, experienced domestic and international students, with “Orange” members, new international students, and teams them up in small groups to participate in various activities and events.


IDEA is a buddy program sponsored by Illinois International Programs and International Student and Scholar Services. The goal behind IDEA is to connect international and domestic Illini. Through both free and structured interactions, domestic students welcome international students to their new home. These new connections give students of all backgrounds a place to feel welcome and accepted. International participants will in turn be encouraged to share their culture with their domestic partner through programs, registered student organization participation, or common interests.

Be a Convo Partner

Sign up to be a ConvoPartner with the Intensive English Institute. Help students improve their English language skills by meeting with them for one hour each week for casual conversation and mutual cultural exchange. You can make new friends and learn about different cultural perspectives.

Registered Student Organizations

Illinois has over 1,000 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), many of which focus on international issues, connect domestic and international students, and celebrate international diversity. The Office of International Student and Scholar Services also maintains a list of International Student Organizations that includes clubs dedicated to specific countries or regions around the world.

Explore Other Opportunities

Work for Us

Help prospective study abroad students and share your own meaningful experiences by applying to be a Program Assistant in our office. Program Assistants advise students at every stage of the study abroad process and help promote our programs and services to the campus community. Applications are due in the spring and interviews are conducted in the summer. All study abroad returnees will receive an email when the application process is open. For more information, email our office at

Study Abroad Again

It is common for students to study abroad multiple times in order to deepen their international experiences. Some students also pursue international fellowship, such as a Fulbright. The National and International Scholarships Program is available to assist you in revising applications for regionally or nationally competitive study abroad fellowships. If you are considering studying abroad again, stop by our office to discuss your options.

Work Abroad

The Career Center can identify resources to help you find international employment and internship opportunities. Utilize the Career Center to have your resume and cover letter reviewed, participate in a mock interview, and get tips on how to talk about your study abroad experiences to potential employers. You can also conduct your own research about international employment opportunities by utilizing resources like the International Career Guide from the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA)