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Global Classroom FAQs

How do I learn more?

We will offer an information session with faculty who have or are currently running a Global Classroom to share their experiences. Date is TBD.

Do I need an international partner?

For the first round of applications due on February 1st, we would prefer that you have a partner already in mind. It is helpful if you already have a relationship with someone who teaches in your area, however, there are resources to help us connect with those faculty if connections do not already exist. We hope to have more capacity to assist with matching interested faculty in the future as our infrastructure develops.

How does this benefit our department?

This provides an opportunity to globalize your curriculum in new and interesting ways which are accessible to all students, regardless of their ability to travel. Often the students at partner institutions bring skill sets and perspectives to the table that our students do not yet have, therefore ‘raising the bar’ a bit for our students and providing them opportunities to see their own area through a new lens.

What kind of technology do I need to use and what tech support will be available to me and my teaching partner?

Any kind of technology can be used that gets the job done. It has been suggested that a neutral third party provider that specializes in this particular pedagogy is used, however, to level the playing field in terms of technology familiarity.