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College of AHS

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange, the campus study abroad office, serves the College of AHS. Students in the College of AHS should review this information as they begin planning their study abroad experience.


Remember: students can choose to pursue a variety of academic, professional, and personal interests as they study abroad and are not limited to these programs.

By Major



Academic Considerations

Before you apply, make sure to review the following guidance specifically to College of AHS students.

You may be able to fulfill your internship requirement abroad. However, consult with your academic advisor whether the internship will fulfill your major requirement.

The College of AHS does not typically encourage studying abroad during your senior year, particularly in the Spring. However, it is possible, but there are several considerations to keep in mind as you make that decision. The considerations include transcript processing for graduation, consideration of interviews for graduate school as well as completion of remaining pre-requisite coursework. If you choose to study abroad spring semester senior year, your graduation will be delayed in order to receive the transcript from your study abroad program.

It is encouraged that you discuss study abroad with your academic advisor as soon as you begin considering it. They can discuss when will be the best time in your schedule for you to study abroad. After, you can attend a First Steps workshop to learn the basics of study abroad. Once you have a general idea of the study abroad process, contact Stacy Billman to set up an individualized advising appointment.

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AHS students should review the course approval process for prior to departure.


Stacy Billman
112 International Studies Building (910 S. Fifth St.)