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Global Classrooms

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign offers limited funding to support instructors in developing Global Classrooms to strengthen faculty partnerships and research, diversify pedagogical practices, and deepen student learning.

Illinois Global Classrooms is a COIL initiative aimed at supporting students and instructors to structure Collaborative, Online, and International Learning experiences, facilitated by technology, between students at the University of Illinois and students from international partner institutions. In this program, you connect with an international partner who teaches in a similar or complementary discipline to develop a virtual project with concrete goals and deliverables, and you implement it in one of your existing courses. Projects vary in scope and duration, but typically last between six and eight weeks.

In collaboration with the campus-wide study abroad community, and with support from the European Union Center, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and the Center for Global Studies, the College of LAS identified Global Classrooms as a priority to extend and expand our global learning reach, as well as to democratize access to global learning. In addition to strengthening faculty partnerships and research, diversifying pedagogical practices, and deepening student learning, Global Classrooms has been shown to help students to see their own discipline from multiple perspectives and to interrogate their assumptions in new ways.

Course Proposals

The study abroad offices are seeking proposals from faculty interested in developing a collaborative online international learning opportunity for undergraduate students. Preference will be given to approved, degree program courses. We are especially interested in supporting first year and/or intro level courses.

Please be advised that funding availability may vary. Interested individuals are encouraged to discuss future opportunities with their college contact listed below.

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Contact Information

If you have college-specific questions, please contact: