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Preparing to Return

As you prepare to return from your study abroad experience, review these steps.

Complete Final Requirements in My Study Abroad

Make sure to log in to your My Study Abroad account and complete any remaining requirements on the While Abroad and Returnee checklist. These might include items such as your return flight or address while abroad.


Some programs require you to formally request your transcript, while others will automatically send it at the end of your program. Review the Study Abroad Credit page for detailed guidance.

Share Your Experience

We want to see your study abroad photos and videos! Visit the Share Your Experience page and upload your photos and videos for a chance to see them featured on our website, social media, and marketing materials.

Engage on Campus

We encourage you to remain engaged with global learning! There are several ongoing and periodic opportunities to continue sharing your experience and staying connected to the host culture.

Career Launch

Employers value international experience! Are you wondering how to communicate the value of your study abroad experience to potential employers? Stop by The Career Center to learn more about incorporating study abroad experiences into a resume, cover letter, elevator pitch, and interviews.