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Financial Aid

The amount of financial aid applicable to study abroad will depend on your individual financial aid package.

You are encourage to consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) to discuss your financial aid package and how it will apply to your study abroad expenses. Take a copy of a program budget (official or unofficial) to OSFA to see how much aid you may be eligible for.

How Financial Aid works with Study Abroad

Regular Term Programs

Fall, Spring, Academic Year & Calendar Year

Shortly after commitment deadlines, the Office of the Registrar will automatically enroll you into a 12-hour placeholder course, for example LAS299. OSFA will then access the official budget from My Study Abroad for all students enrolled into the placeholder course and create award letters.


For summer terms abroad, undergraduate students must obtain a minimum of 6 Illinois credits and graduate students must obtain a minimum of 3 Illinois credits from classes taken abroad in order for financial aid to apply.

Fall or Spring 8-week Illinois Classes

Courses that travel during Winter or Summer Breaks

Only loan funding is available for these programs. You must request that the OSFA re-evaluate your financial aid package. You can do this by taking a copy of the official budget to OSFA.

College Illinois!

College Illinois! is a Prepaid Tuition Program that allows families to pay for tuition and mandatory fees at current rates (in order to avoid future tuition inflation) and it can be used to pay for your study abroad program fees. The plan will pay for the amount equal to undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees, as if you were enrolled for a semester on campus. To calculate what will be covered by the plan, look at your program's official budget in My Study Abroad. Since all IAGE study abroad fees are mandatory, everything in the two billable sections on the official budget are covered by College Illinois!, except housing costs. Then, look at your student account from last semester and add up what was paid by College Illinois! You will be financially responsible for the difference between the two totals, plus housing costs. Compare a semester on campus and a semester abroad using College Illinois!.

Federal VA Education Benefits

If you are a recipient of Federal VA Education Benefits, you are encouraged to consult with Veteran Services located within the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) to discuss your benefits, and if they will apply to your study abroad expenses. There are limited programs that are approved for study abroad by the VA. Also, for study abroad programs that are approved, students may only enroll in courses that apply to their degree requirements.


Immediately before the start of the Illinois term, all billable fees, financial aid and/or scholarships will be applied to your student accounts. If there are funds left over, the amount will be refunded to the direct deposit bank account associated to your student account. Occasionally, financial aid or scholarships may be credited to the account before all study abroad fees are posted. As a result, you may receive a larger refund than you should.

Important note: You should not spend that money until you know that all fees have been billed and paid, especially if the program has optional costs that may bill later. See Billing & Withdrawals page for more information.

Check out OSFA's website for more information on financial aid and study abroad.