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Global Perspectives Course

As a part of your study abroad experience, you will be required to take an orientation course.

Global Perspectives (LAS 291/292) is a three phase, three (3) credit hour course that all study abroad students are required to take in order to prepare them for their study abroad program, engage in active learning while abroad, and reflect upon their experiences after they return. The course includes pre-departure logistics, cultural preparation, health and safety information, in-country support, and re-entry programming.

Benefits & Expectations

Through the course, you will:

  • Receive essential practical, logistical, academic, and sociocultural pre-departure information
  • Narrate their own story; express their various identities, positionality and interests
  • Strengthen and refine their understanding of common Education Abroad concepts that are often used and misused
  • Articulate the web of relationships that inform and connect their interests to their experiences; academically, personally and professionally
  • Make connections between local perspectives and current events
  • Articulate how others’ worldviews have impacted their own perspectives and behaviors
  • Describe how socio-economic, political, environmental and technological systems are interconnected, how systems affect communities, and how students can affect the systems
  • Maintain contact with us throughout your experience abroad for both reflective and health and safety purposes.
  • Reflect upon and better articulate your experiences, while also integrating your experiences into future planning.

Active participation is vital for successful completion of LAS 291/292. You will not be graded on grammar and will not be quizzed on facts, but course instructors will be looking for evidence that you have deeply reflected on your experiences. It is expected that you complete all online modules and assignments on time, actively participate in forum discussions, and create a thoughtful final project.


LAS 291/292 is an online course. It takes part in three phases, across a 2-course sequence in the following order:

  • Students studying abroad in the Fall or Summer terms will get more information about the course, including how to enroll, in April.
  • Students studying abroad in the Spring term will get more information about the course, including how to enroll, in October.


Once you have committed to an education abroad program, you will be automatically enrolled in "LAS 291: Global Perspectives for Intercultural Learning," a one-credit course. You will complete this course before your departure and will help you prepare for your experience abroad.

While Abroad

Once you have completed LAS 291, you will be automatically enrolled in "LAS 292: Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural Contexts," which is worth two credits. You will complete the second phase of the course in your host country.

When You Return

LAS 292 continues through the semester after you return to campus, and is the final, re-entry phase of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you commit to a study abroad program, you are automatically enrolled in this mandatory course.

It is your responsibility to drop LAS 291/292 from your schedule as soon as possible.

LAS 291 is a one-hour course. Therefore, you can choose to petition and retro-drop the course through your college office, or you can maintain it on your schedule. Given it is a credit-bearing course, it does affect your GPA. You will be automatically enrolled for LAS 292 when the Registrar registers you for your study abroad placeholder (for example, LAS 299, BUS 399, ENGR 299, etc.). If you withdraw from your program, you will need to drop LAS 292 from your schedule on your own.

Please notify your section instructor for LAS 291/292 of your pending graduation and communicate your timeline. It is your responsibility to complete all assignments within the time required to receive a final grade before graduation.