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Career Integration

Study abroad, virtual internships, and related global experiences can help students cultivate key attributes that employers seek in prospective candidates such as communication skills, ability to work in the team, problem solving skills, flexibility/adaptability, and much more.

Consider the following quesetions before, during, and after you participate in your program. Students are also encouraged to visit the university's Career Center for guidance on preparing their resumes and cover letters.

Before You Go Abroad

  • What skills do you want to acquire or enhance while you are abroad?
  • How do you plan to acquire or enhance these skills while you are abroad?
  • What resources may be available on a program to help you achieve your professional goals?
  • What experiences can you get involved in abroad that will make you stand out?

While You are Abroad

  • How can you build your network while you are abroad?
  • What opportunities are there to conduct informational interviews?
  • How can you connect and network with alumni living and working in the area?
  • What progress have you made towards achieving your professional goals?

When You Return

  • What skills did you acquire or enhance while you were abroad?
  • How do those skills apply to your career fields of interest?
  • How can you market you experience to employers and graduate school programs?
  • How can you share your experience with future participants of study abroad?