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Virtual Global Experiences

Virtual Global Experiences offer various opportunities for students who to work virtually with international organizations, collaborate on projects, and conduct research with international faculty and students.

About the Experiences

Students can engage in Virtual Global Experiences through internships (career-relevant, unpaid work experience), projects (case-study and research-based work), and global classrooms. As part of this professional experience, students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate professionalism throughout the application process and in the internship or project
  • Dedicate the minimum number of hours per week required in the internship or project
  • Balance their Virtual Global Experiences with regular coursework and other commitments
  • Engage in no more than one internship or project per term
  • Fully participate in the required LAS 199: Global Perspectives Pre-Professional Seminar

Engaging in virtual global internships and projects enables students to gain valuable professional experience and explore potential career paths to further develop their goals for the future. International work experiences provide students the opportunity to build rapport with professionals around the world and capitalize on these relationships when pursuing future professional opportunities. Working remotely can be challenging, however, the skills you gain from this experience are sought after by employers. Due to the remote nature of the program, students can expect to:

  • Engage in project-based work and case studies
  • Gain experience working independently and collaboratively
  • Improve upon their written communication skills
  • Demonstrate their ability to adapt to new technology
  • Reflect upon their experiences as part of LAS 199


These professional and research experiences offer students the opportunity to gain valuable life and career skills through focused projects with alumni, an employer, or a partner organization. Students and organizations collaborate remotely, allowing students to gain global and intercultural competency skills working with organizations worldwide. Students will also be able to earn university credit.