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Gies College of Business

Important information:
• Completion of the Course Approval Summary Form is not required before departure.
• All courses taken abroad must be approved.
• Submit the Course Approval Summary Form to
• Academic Advisor signature is not required.

This webpage is for students who are enrolled in the Gies College of Business during the semester they are studying abroad. Business students participating in both business-sponsored programs and programs sponsored by other colleges will need to fill out their Course Approval Summary Form according to the directions below.

The course approval process informs students, how courses will transfer from their study abroad experience. Do not include Illinois courses you plan to take online. This form is not used to register for classes at the partner university.

If you do not submit a course approval form by the due dates below, all classes will default to graded and transfer the letter grade to your Illinois transcript. If a course is on the host university transcript, it will and must transfer into your academic record at Illinois.

Course Approval Summary Form Due Dates

  • Fall participants: October 1
  • Spring participants: March 1
  • Summer participants: July 1

You may submit the Course Approval Summary Form prior to these final dates if you would like to verify your course articulations. However, if you make any changes to your course registration, make sure to submit your updated form by the deadlines listed above.

Course Approval Instructions

Steps to complete the Course Approval Summary Form

Course Approval Summary Form Screen Shot

List the courses you are planning to take or have taken at the institution abroad. You may find information on course offerings for your particular term(s) abroad on the host institution’s website (not all courses are guaranteed). You may submit up to two forms to accommodate your course selections. You are not required to take the courses you list on the form.

First, check the Course Approval Database to see if your courses have received previous approval.

  • Y= Yes: you found the course in the Course Approval Database.
  • N= No: the course equivalency is not listed in the database or you are requesting a new equivalency. You need to request approval for this course to earn credit. Obtain the syllabus and complete one of the forms below:
    • BADM/FIN/ACCY courses
    • Gen Ed courses
    • Forms are reviewed within 2-3 weeks. You will get a response with the course equivalency via e-mail.
    • You do not need to submit the BADM/FIN/ACCY or GenED form above if you are planning on taking a course as a free elective that has not been assigned an equivalent UIUC course.

Select CR/NC or G for each course, considering the following:

  • Credit/No Credit (CR/NC): Grade is shown as CR if you earned a D- or higher at the host institution. If you earn a F on your foreign transcript, Illinois grade and transcript are shown as NC (translation occurs when grades from the host institution are received at Illinois). This election does not impact your Illinois GPA and if credit is received (CR), you will earn Illinois credit hours toward graduation. This option is not available for Business Core or Major Courses, including Major Electives. View the Illinois Student Code for details regarding this option. Extenuating circumstances and exceptions can be discussed with the college office after the mid-point deadline.
  • Graded (G): Grade listed on Illinois transcript and averaged in with GPA as Illinois course.

If the course is in the Course Approval Database, write the Illinois course equivalent. If you submitted the ACCY/FIN/BADM form or Gen Ed form to ask for a new equivalency, you should wait until you receive an e-mail response and then write in the approved equivalency.

Is the course approved? Check "Y" if it is in the Course Approval Database or you received approval through the form. Select "N" if you are planning on getting free elective credit.

Where did the approval come from?

  1. Course Approval Database
  2. Form Response
  3. Leave blank if you are planning on receiving free elective credit

Select "Y" if you received a new course equivalency from the form or this is a new course you are planning to receive free elective credit for. Select "N" if the course was already in the Course Approval Database.

Leave blank.

Additional Policies

  • For majors or minors outside of Gies Business, students are subject to the policies and procedures of the department in charge of the major/minor. You must get the Course Approval Summary Form signed by the department in charge of the major/minor before submitting them to your major department.
  • Non-business majors requesting a course articulation for a BADM, FIN, or ACCY course should submit the same form as business majors. Forms are reviewed within 2-3 weeks. You will get a response with the course equivalency via e-mail. If you need your Course Approval Summary Form signed for approval, you can reply to the e-mail to request it.
  • Courses such as language courses that are not included on the host institution's official transcript will not transfer to Illinois.
  • Students will only receive credit for study abroad courses with the word “internship” in the title if the title of the course appears on the transcript and is supervised by a faculty member.
  • Any official course included on the host institution's official transcript will be transferred to the Illinois transcript.

Submitting Updated Forms

If your courses change or you want to change your CR/NC selection, email an updated form to

Course Requirements & Limitations for Business Students

View specific course requirements and limitations on the Gies Global website

Business Minors

Follow your home college course approval process and then email for a minor modification.