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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Important information:
• Completion of the Course Approval Summary Form is not required before departure (*unless you are a Global Studies student, in which case, you must complete and submit the Course Approval Summary Form prior to departure*).
• Grading options do not need to be decided by mid-term.
• All courses taken abroad do not need to be approved.
• Submit the Course Approval Summary Form to: 2002 Lincoln Hall.

If you are submitting your Course Approval Summary Form during the Fall 2020 semester, scan and email your completed form to Students should also meet with their records officer, which you can do virtually during walk-in advising hours, Monday-Friday, 1PM-5PM.

This webpage is for students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that are studying abroad on a pre-approved program. To be considered a full-time Illinois student and qualify for financial aid, you must be enrolled in the minimum full-time academic load as defined by your host institution and complete 12 or more Illinois credit hours abroad. Students who receive the Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant) from the state of Illinois, are required to complete the equivalent of 15 Illinois credits.

Course Approval Instructions


Complete a Tentative Course Plan. For this form, you will research and plan for potential courses and determine the appropriate approval process.

  • All courses taken while on a pre-approved study abroad program will transfer back and default to elective, graded credit at the LAS 1--level (this means a 100 level elective course which will factor into your GPA).
  • If you want to use a course for any of the following you will need to go through the Course Approval Process, either before you go or after your return, as outlined below:
    • To satisfy a requirement for a major or minor
    • For a level other than 100 level
    • To take a course for credit/no credit (C/NC)
    • If you would like a rubric other than "LAS" to appear on your transcript
  • You must complete the Course Approval Summary Form even if all the courses you plan to take are in the Course Approval Database.
  • You may start the course approval process prior to your departure, with the understanding that for many programs, the courses that you are choosing may not be available to you. The more you do ahead of time, the easier your course selection process will be once you are on-site.

While Abroad

Collect as much information on your courses as you can. This includes bringing back syllabi, homework assignments, tests, textbooks, etc. These will be used in the Course Approval Process.

Upon return to campus

Consult with your advisor to determine which of your completed courses requires approval. For those courses, follow the instructions for the course approval process outlined below. Remember that you must complete the Course Approval Summary Form even if all the courses you plan to take are in the Course Approval Database. All other courses will default to LAS 1--.

Complete and submit the Course Approval Summary Form to LAS Student Academic Affairs (2002 Lincoln Hall) by the Friday of the first week of October (for Spring, Summer and Academic Year term(s) abroad) or March (for Fall term abroad). If you do not complete the course approval process upon your return, your courses will appear as "LAS 388" on your transcript.

Course Approval Process

Using the Course Approval Summary Form, complete one row for each course using the instructions below.

Completed by the student

You may find information on course offerings for your particular term(s) abroad on the host institution’s website, within My Study Abroad, a course catalogue or a combination of these resources.

List the courses in the exact wording used by the host institution and it is important to list the subject and number of the course abroad (i.e. AUST 2022 Australian Studies).

Completed by the student

Check the Course Approval Database to see if your courses have received prior approval:

  • If the course has already been approved, mark “ Y” in Column #2.
  • If the course is not in the Course Approval Database, or you wish to seek approval in a subject area other than what is already approved, mark “N” in Column #2.

Completed by Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor will indicate next to each course if you are taking it for credit and grades or credit only. You will have until the Friday of the first week of October/March of the term following your term abroad to declare a course for credit/no credit. Courses used to satisfy general education, major, or minor requirements must be taken for letter grades.

Completed by Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor

Complete these steps for any courses not found in the Course Approval Database or for those courses for which the student wishes to seek approval in a new subject area.

You will need to seek approval from a Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor, who may not be may not be the same person as your academic advisor. You will need to seek out the advisor in the appropriate subject area (for example, for a Sociology course, you will need to go to the Sociology Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor).

Completed by Academic Advisor

Please indicate how this course will be used upon the student’s return using the following guide:

  • M: Core (Major) credit in field
  • S: Supporting course work
  • E: Elective credit
  • GR: Must be taken for a grade
  • Other (Adv. hours, etc.)

You must have both the printed name and the signature of your Academic Advisor.

This form will not be considered complete without your (the student’s) signature.

You should submit the completed Course Approval Summary Form to your LAS ARO in 2002 Lincoln Hall.

Notes for Study Abroad Course (299) Advisors

  • Column #4: If you approve this course, please enter the Illinois Subject and Number/or Level. If this course has a direct Illinois equivalency, enter Illinois Subject and Number (e.g., SPAN 210). If this course is acceptable as college-level transfer work in your department, enter Illinois Subject and Level (e.g., SPAN 2--).
  • Column #5: If you approve the course, please enter “ Y” in the box.
  • Column #6: If you do not approve the course, please enter “ N” in the box.
  • Column #7: Please print and sign your name. For a more detailed explanation use the “Comments” area either on the front or back of the Course Approval Summary Form.
  • If you approve this course to be added to the Course Approval Database, please enter “Y” in the box. Enter “N” if you do not recommend the course to be added. You can approve courses for individual students but opt not to add the course to the Course Approval Database if you would prefer to review the course on a case-by-case basis.